2 - 2
Tottenham Hotspur 12:45 (+0) Arsenal
North London derby ended between Tottenham and Arsenal draw positive goals for each team and this game in which both teams gathered in the 29th round of the English Premier League. It was the first half of the game began much pressure by Tottenham to score the first goal so that in the first ten minutes were the owners of four shots land on the net, while only Arsenal's defense has not been able Gunners from strong return to meet under pressure Tottenham by Lamela and Ken while Ospina appeared in more than a snapshot of counter attacks players Tottenham to preclude the registration of the first target but Arsenal With the passage of time did not stop at Tottenham attacks which in turn tried first goal to succeed in this by Ramsey in the 39th minute from the age of the first half, which ended on that result. As the second half began in a big raise with the desire of Tottenham equalized and with 55 minutes solutions Arsenal signed in a difficult position to expel Kokilin to press after the Spurs more to tie and who managed Alderverild scoring in the 60th minute, only two minutes did not pass, but added Keane's second goal Spurs to turn the tables on Arsenal who knew no surrender, where he tried to return to meet again until he had the opportunity in order to Sanchez, who scored in the 76 minutes, coming in later attempts to advance but without realizing a new target for any of the two teams and the game ends in a draw without a winner or loser.